Friday, July 24, 2015

The New Hexagon Rosette 2

Here is Rosette Number 2 from the The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along. It is made from the Anna Maria Horner line Pretty Potent, except for the leopard print which is from her Field Study line. I would have been sharing it much sooner if I hadn't run out of the purple print with blue flowers and had to order more.

I'm really happy with this block and I'm glad to be making progress with the project! I can't wait till I have a few more blocks done and we can start to see it all come together!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tula Pink City Sampler Gridlock Finished Quilt!

I sure do hope you weren't holding your breath waiting to see my Tula Pink City Sampler,because I finished the top over a year ago and just not got it quilted. But the best things are worth waiting for, right?

I choose the Gridlock layout which makes a huge 90 x 90 quilt, and I completed it using only Tula Pink fabrics and solids (except for the white dotted background). I had a lot of fun piecing these blocks

It's quilted with a more modern Cathedral Window pattern.

I love making pieced quilt backs and it was fun to use some of the prints that are very large scale. 

I also decided to do a rainbow binding since I couldn't imagine picking one print for this quilt, and at least it gave me some variation so hand stitching the binding wasn't so boring since the print kept changing. 

As you can see, Zombie cat already has made his approval known.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The New Hexagon Rosette 1

It's finally done! It took me the better part of 3 weeks, but here is Rosette #1 for The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along. I really had fun making this! I loved pulling fabric and trying to find the perfect fussy cuts and the best repeats for the pattern. I've already started pulling fabric for the next Rosette. I don't know if I'll ever catch up, but I sure will try!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along

And so it's begun! I stumbled across The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along last month while trying to decide if I wanted to purchase the The New Hexagon book and I have been fascinated with it ever since. I wanted to finished up my Tula Pink EEP before starting this new project but it was very hard considering I'm already 6 full months behind in the 12 month project, but I managed to hold out and I started cutting fabric for Rosette 1 the night I finished the Tula Pink EEP.

I am well underway with Rosette 1 now and I hope to share it with you soon! So far, I am really enjoying this project! It's so much fun to pull fabrics and watch it all come together!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

At last!

At last! I finally completed my Tula Pink EEP and it's everything I hoped it would be! Melissa over at 100 Billion Stars hasn't named this quilt yet, as she hasn't completed the pattern yet and I've tried to think of a name fore my own but so far I have nothing.

I finished sewing in the last of the pieces on Thursday, pulled all the remaining papers out on Friday and then squared it up, attached the border, and pieced the back this morning. I can't wait till this one is quilted, bound, and I'm cuddling with it on the sofa!

Monday, June 15, 2015

So Close!

I thought the next time I would post would be to share my finished Tula Pink EPP, but after miscounting the number of diamonds i needed to square off the quilt, and having some very sore figures, I'm still not finished! So I wanted to give you something to hold you over, if you have been anxiously awaiting it's debut, like I have!

So here it is! The back of the quilt all together, minus the 2 sides that still need to be squared off, with the papers removed from all but the edge! I know I said the same thing last week, but I'm going to get these last two sides squared off, get the papers out, square up the quilt, and get the borders on this week so that I can ship it off to be quilted this weekend. See you in a couple days!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tiny Stitches

Lots of tiny stitches this week.

Can't wait till this one is all done! It's definitely a favorite! I have two rows done and three to go. Then I just have to add the side pieces to square it up and I'm good to go!

I've also spent some time this week planning out my next project and I'm very excited to jump into it, which is all the more motivation for me keep moving on this project to get it finished.