Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby quilts

Today, I'll post two quilts I made for a friend who had a baby last year. My friend, Kelly, requested that I not use any pastels in the baby quilt.

Spring Garden Delight Quilt

This quilt is from the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine for May/June 2012. The pattern is titled Spring Garden Delight. I actually think the pattern is intended for it to be a table topper but it's the perfect size for a baby to play on and cuddle up in. I did make some minor changes in fabric layout but nothing major. This was an extremely quick and easy quilt that was done in a matter of a few hours with simple stitch in the ditch quilting. I made this quilt entirely of fabric I had in stash with the exception of the pink pastel, so it was almost a free quilt! The baby plays on this quilt and it's small enough for her to drag around when she starts walking. This is the kind of quilt that is adorable, but you didn't put a hundred hours and hundreds of dollars into so when the baby shreds it over time, it's okay! I personally love it when my quilts get used!

Tula Pink Prince Charming Quilt

Tula Pink Prince Charming Quilt

I also made this quilt for when the baby gets into a regular bed. I'm very disappointed because I've been racking my brain trying to remember where I got the block pattern from and I just can't remember! I know it was free online and very easy but I can't remember and I'm so sorry! If I ever happen to come across it again I will be sure to post were it came from! I also couldn't find a picture of it after quilting, but I do remember that I was pressed for time to get it to her so it's possible I never took a completed picture. Maybe I can get one the next I see her If it's not packed away to tightly. The fabric is Tula Pink Prince Charming. I used one layer cake, plus the borders, sashing, backing and binding of coarse. Is there anything more precious for a baby girl then little Prince Charming frogs? The hardest part of the entire quilt was trying to cut out the snails in the border in a way that they were all right side up and centered. I think this quilt is perfect because it's sweet for a little girl, but I imagine an older girl would love this fabric, so she won't outgrow it so quickly! I also like that it's not solid pink so even if she loves green or blue the quilt still fits the bill!

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