Friday, March 22, 2013

Women of Courage Month 1

So, I haven't had a whole lot to say this week, mostly because I didn't spend as much time sewing as I normally do, and most of what I got done was just little here and there stuff, nothing big to post. However, I did get the first month of my Women of Courage BAM and I completed the two blocks for this month.

Women of Courage Month 1

I really like this fabric and I love how they turned out! They were pretty easy blocks although lots of 5/8" cutting which is always a little daunting. How deep is it ingrained in the quilters mind that the bears paw always points in? Pretty deep! It was really hard for me to sew the paws in the corners facing out! I even laid the whole block out and tried putting them the "correct" way to see if I like that better (wouldn't be the first time I made artistic changes to a pattern) but in the end I decided it was good that it was different so I'll try it there way.

1800's Grab bag

I also had ordered two 1800's grab bags from Homestead Hearth and they came in today. Together the two grab bags were about $24 after shipping and handing and I am thrilled! Where else can you get this much fabric and such a variety for such a price? I love making scrappy reproduction quilts and I even have one started right now, so I will certainly put these to good use and I'll be back for more!

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

One more thing while I'm here, I know the blog is called Quilting Rage and not Cooking rage but I need to share this with you! For Saint Patrick's I made these Irish Car Bomb cupcakes! I got the recipe over at Brown Eyed Baker. They have Guinness in the actual cupcake, Jameson in the ganache and Baileys in the frosting. They are delicious  I really thought it was a cute idea for the holiday but honestly my expectations for taste were a little lower, I was wrong! I will absolutely be making more of these holiday, or no holiday. It also accrued to me that you could make this into a cake by using the batter to make 2 (maybe even 3?) round cakes, you could spread the ganache in the middle of the cakes and then just frost the whole thing! I'll let you all know if I try it ;)

I did get the castle quilt most of the way together but I don't have the border on yet so Im going to wait to show it. I've also been working on the Halloween quilt but I was having a lot of trouble since this is my first large bout with free-motion quilting so I had to get some help from a friend. I should be on the right track now.

In other news, it's my birthday today, and Im now old enough to rent a car! Yea me! :) Have a great day!

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