Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oriental Dreamweaver Top and Geese

I completed my Oriental Dreamweaver top last night.

It went together pretty easy. When It came time to sew the sashing on I did a lot of double checking because I was really worried I was going to sew a row on upside down and have to rip out 80 inches of stitches  It's a little confusing when row A is just the reverse of row B and some prints are non-directional.

I will not be quilting this one myself! It's just to big and honestly I don't even have any ideas for how to quilt it.  I did start brainstorming the back of the quilt. It calls for over 7 yards of fabric and honestly I just haven't been able to find a print that matches this quilt that I want to look at 80x94" of for however long I use and love this quilt. So, I think I'm going to do something scrappy with a bunch of different fabrics pieced together so you get a little taste of a lot of beautiful things, without having to drown in it.

This is mind, I decided I wanted to make at least one special quilt block and sew it into the back of the quilt. So I decided to do a ring of flying geese. 

I'm not a big fan of foundation piecing but for some reason this did not bother me! It went together fast. I didn't have any major issues, and I love the result. I think the big difference is that I pre-cut all of my pieces into usable sizes so you don't have to go nuts turning a piece of fabric to see how you have to sew it to get it to cover the whole area, then rip it out, then try again and on and on and on. It made the process so much more enjoyable for me.

So I did the hard part and I foundation pieced my I'm caught up on the easy part. I haven't really worked with curved pieces yet and I'm not sure how to sew this into a block. I don't know if I have to keep it the 4 pieces it's in now and sew it together as 4 separate blocks or if there is a way for me to sew a whole circle into the middle? It's times like this I'm so happy to be in a guild with wonderful, helpful, experienced generous women! Worse case sanario, if no one can help me over the phone, I wait till Thursday and I take it to guild and someone will tell me exactly what I need to do! Now I just have to figure out the rest of my back.

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  1. love the ring of geese you made - that's on my list of projects to make!