Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Effie & Ollie Elephant

This weekend I attended the Sew Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center. My husband is so supportive! He has been to 3 craft related shows in the last 3 weeks. It think now I'm obligated to give him some time off! While there I bought a pattern called Effie and Ollie Elephant by Heather Bailey and I just sewed the eyes on yesterday!

The stand that I bought the pattern from had the elephants made in many sizes and then the pattern itself had a sheet that said had much to enlarge the pattern by in order to achieve each size. This is the "Ex Large" which is the original pattern enlarge 500%. I used home decor fabric because he is SO BIG and I'm glad I did! He took 3 (36 oz) bags of Poly-fill  (His head still looks like it could use more stuffing but I think it will even out once it settle) He is heavy! The ear fabric is cotton quilting fabric that I backed with interfacing. I think you could do the whole elephant that way with no problem.

He went together pretty easy. For me the hardest part is always sewing up the bottom by hand.

I had to go over it twice with 4 layers of thread at a time but it made kind of a pretty "x" pattern. It's not the most attractive closure but at least it won't come open! I would defiantly do this again, and in fact I'm already planning to make him a, slightly smaller, friend sometime soon. He is too cute! Wouldn't he be great in a nursery? I can't wait till the next time I need a baby shower gift!

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