Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've been in a bit of a quilting Limbo this week. I spent most of my time getting the pieced back for the Dreamweaver quilt together so that it could head off to be quilted. As I said I will not quilting that giant quilt on my home machine! My regular quilter is recovering from surgery so obviously not taking quilts in right now, so I decided to ask another quilter that does fabulous work at my guild to quilt it. She also has an injury and isn't taking large quilts right now. So, hopefully I'll find a good place for it to be quilted soon.

I also attended the Sheep and Wool festival this weekend. As I don't do a lot of knitting these days I didn't buy any yarn, although it did spark my curiosity about weaving, but we had some great food! Lamb Shepard's Pie! I will most certainly be trying my hand at duplication that dish soon.

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