Monday, July 8, 2013

Quilt Piece Storage

I was cutting fabric for a quilt I'm going to be starting. I'm making 20 foundation pieced blocks and each block requires 15 pieces, so 300 pieces total. I started thinking before I even started cutting about how I would keep all these pieces in order. When you have 3 cats you know better than to ever leave anything out. I always go directly to Ziploc sandwich bags, but I would need 15 bags and I couldn't reuse them because I would have to make piece is inside (A1, C3, ext) and that seemed a bit wasteful. Then I remembered something my husband had made for me when I was making the Brick Quilt.

He made me these little sleeves that I could slide the stacks of fabric for a row into. Each unit has 3 pockets, so for my Brick quilt he just numbered the pockets 1 through 35 (the number of rows). I just flipped them over and wrote on the back to reuse them for this project.

All you have to do to make one is take a piece of paper, he used printer paper, and fold it in half. Staple the two short sides closed and then space out two sets of staples in the middle to create the 3 pockets. This set up worked well for the bricks, which where 2.5" and also worked for the foundation pieces since they are smaller sized. Obviously you could adjust the size of the pockets to fit a certain piece size, but I think this method is probably best for pieces around this size. So a piece of paper and 8 staples in all. Still way cheaper than a Ziploc bag and I think it's easier to keep these all together.

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