Thursday, September 5, 2013

Foundation Star

Remember when I said that both of the guilds I'm in are doing challenge quilts? We've already seen what I have going for the Baltimore Quilt. The other challenge is the Polka-Dot challenge, and that's whats been taking up the bulk of my time lately with endless, repetitive foundation piecing.

Can you see where I'm going? I have all of these A and B blocks done now and Im moving on the last block, which is traditional piecing and I am glad! I need a break!

Apparently I am very picky about my dots. Un-organized dot patterns freak me out! I like very organized dots. And then I had trouble finding tiny pin point dots. I never imagined it would be so hard to find the perfect dot.

When this quilt is done, it will go into a show with all the other Polka-Dot quilts my fellow guild members make, and then they will all be donated to Project Linus. Points that were a bit off, that I might not have gone back to fix on my own quilt, I went back and fixed. I want it to be perfect for the person who gets it! There is a little extra love and care in this one.

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