Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quilt labels on EQ7

I have tried a few different methods of making quilt labels. Non of which I've particularly loved to be honest. Before I had even purchased EQ7, I had watched this video about how to make quilt labels using the program. I finally did it for my two fall quilts.

I did have a few issues along the way. The first being that the YouTube tutorial doesn't explain to you that some of the things they used aren't automatically on your toolbar, (such as the Auto Border function) you have to actually put them there. This was easy enough for me Google and figure out how to do. The next issue is that I printed the labels onto Avery Printable Cotton which says that you can iron on the finished product or sew it on. Since I do us and wash my quilts I would choose to fold my edges under and then sew down my label. This was impossible! You cannot sew through the labels, or at least not my hand anyhow. I wound up having to iron them on which is disappointing because I know the first time I wash them they will be off. I will be asking my guild members if they know a better way on Thursday, but until then this is what I've got. All that considered they are still super cute right?

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