Wednesday, October 30, 2013

City Sampler Blocks 67-100

Another picture heavy post to wrap up the 100 city sampler blocks!

Blocks 67, 68, 69. I love the ships!

Blocks 70, 71, 72. I added cornerstones to block 72 mostly because I only had two 5" squares of the blue fabric I wanted to use so I couldn't make the 6 1/2" borders. I really like the cornerstones though!

Blocks 73, 74, 75. Block 73 is suppose to be a 4 1/2" square with 1 1/2" sashing but I really wanted to use this Parisville print somewhere in my quilt so instead I made a 5 1/2" square and cut my sashing at an inch ( I cut the block down to 6 1/2 later. It's just easier to work with a slightly larger strip). When it's in the quilt you will only see a quarter inch border and I think that will look really cool and delicate! 

Block 76, 77, 78

Block 79, 80, 81. I love this rainbow version of block 81! I feel like this one little block is somehow a representation of the whole quilt! 

Blocks 82, 83, 84. 

Blocks 85, 86, 87.

Blocks 88, 89, 90. Block 89 I had to carefully cut the mouse tail out just right so It would align with the big piece! This is the third of the Parisville ladies. 

Block 91, 92, 93. 

Blocks 94, 95, 96. I am so in love with this Prince Charming print and tried to use it as many places as possible. The girl with the net is so cute!

97, 98, 99. 

Block 100!!!!! Done!

Of coarse I had to square up all of these blocks, which was a good excuse for me to finally buy a rotating cutting mat!

Now I just have to order my sashing fabric and get them all laid out! Not to mention clean up the mess that is my sewing area!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tula Pink City Sampler 1-66

Apologies in advanced for my super photo heavy post! So last week I talked about how I was debating starting the City Sampler. Well I started a big way! I started on Monday and have been doing about 12 blocks a day! They are so addictive! I've organized them into sets of 3 because the Sew along does 3 blocks a week. Im now caught up to where the sew along is on block 66.

Blocks 1, 2, and 3. I love the 3rd block! I've decided I want to fit all 3 of what Im calling the Parisville ladies into the quilt. This is the Ship lady.

Blocks 4, 5, 6. My husband loves the 4th block with the bee.

Blocks 7, 8, and 9.

Blocks 10, 11, 12.

Blocks 13, 14, 15.

Blocks 16, 17, 18.

Blocks 19, 20, 21

Blocks 22, 23, 24 I love blocks 22 and 23! Did I mention I have a bit of a fussy cutting addiction now?

Blocks 25, 26, 27.

Blocks 28, 29, and 30

Blocks 31, 32, 33. I love my Octopus! I am mildly concerned about this orange. It seems to bright?

Blocks 34, 35, 36. The second Parisville lady with cougar. One more to go!

Blocks 37, 38, 39. I originally didn't like the space dust fabric but I really do love block 39!

Block 40, 41, 42. I love the Plum blocks and another octopus and sea horse! I also love block 42 with the seagull because it looks like he's just ridding the waves! 

Blocks 43, 44, 45. 

Blocks 46, 47, 48. I love the fussy cut potion bottles! I use those again later on!

Blocks 49, 50, 51. Block 50 looks like a huge pain that will take forever but I wasn't. You just need to get in there and get it done and not get freaked out!

Blocks 52, 53, 54. I've had mixed feelings about 53....I don't know if I should have fussy cut both pieces. 

Blocks 55, 56, 57 I did block 55 slightly different than the book. Instead of making 9 half square triangles I did 3 and then but the other 3 as 4 1/2" by 2 1/2"  and then did the triangles on each side so I wouldn't have the seam down the middle. 

Blocks 58, 59, 60 

Blocks 61, 62, 63. 

Blocks 64, 65, 66. Fussy cut bottles again. I love the color combo of the middle block! 

I've been thinking that this quilt would be an excellent I spy quilt!
That's all for now! I'll let you know when I have more! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Polka Dot Challenge Quilt

My Polka Dot Challenge Quilt is complete!

Here it is! When my guild announced that we would be having a Polka-Dot challenge for Linus I really wasn't sure what to do. I saw a picture of a similar quilt online but there was no pattern, so I used EQ7 to design mine. The quilt is 64x64. I wanted it to be slightly larger, so that It could go to a teenager but because of the block pattern you must increase by increments of 16" and 80" seemed like a bit much. The Stars are foundation pieced and that took some time!

I decided to use all Denyse Schmidt fabrics because I wanted a bit of a retro vintage feel. I used Chicopee, Flea Market Fancy, Shellburne Falls, and Florence. I have heard that Linus never has enough quilts for boys so I tried to keep my quilt gender neutral. I left out any pink fabric, used limited amounts of purple and tried not to go nuts on floral. I think I succeeded. I also love the red I picked! I originally envisioned this (and drew it into EQ7) with a darker red but then I decided I really loved this Kona Tomato and Im glad I went this way! Beileve it or not I alos had a bit of trouble finding exactly the right polka-dot. I wanted a very small pin dot, and I wanted organized dots. I don't like randomly doted fabric! I finally order a Mellow Yellow print from Fatquarter Shop and it worked perfectly. 

I struggled with how to quilt it because it didn't really need anything! It already seemed complete. In the end I decided to just stitch in the ditch and then re-avaluate, but I decided it was fine the way it was and anything else you likely take away from the design.
I picked this backing fabric because it is
A) A little masculine
B) It's polka-dot esk
C) I love green! And I love dark backings!

I also really love the binding fabric! I think it's super cute! I really love this quilt and Im a little sad to see it go but I really hope whoever gets it really loves it!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tula Pink Overload!

What you see before you is a mountain of Tula Pink fabric! I've been considering/planning to make the City Sampler since I heard that the book was coming out! I knew I didn't want to start it until after the release of Acacia because I wanted to include as many of her lines as possible. I have been hording her fabric like a lunatic in the mean time! Notice my prized Plume charm pack that I payed a silly amount of money for, but have never dared to open because I was saving it for just this occasion!

Why haven't I cut in yet. A few reasons really.
1) Some of this fabric I've been hording for so long as my precious fabric that I won't even considering using because I'm saving it, now makes me nervous to cut because I know I can't get more.
2) What if I get going and don't pick up momentum to get it done because Im starting so much later than everyone else? The official Quilt Along is already on block 63 out of the 100 blocks. No way to catch up to that! Although I suppose if I got 20 blocks or so along and ran out of steam I could just make a baby quilt and call it a day.
3) I have no idea what layout to do. This is the main reason I haven't started. A lot of the layouts require a lot of pre-planning because the colors have to lay in such a way. I keep saying I should just get started and maybe a few blocks in the blocks will tell me what they want to be. I just get a bit nervous about getting off to a bad start.

Hopefully I'll surmount these obstacles and be on my way soon!

I also have finished my  Polka-Dot Challenge Quilt for Linus but unfortunately their has been a lot of rain here so I haven't had a good opportunity to take a picture. My house has skylights so when it's cloudy it's very hard to get enough light for a good picture. Hopefully on Sunday, when I visit my in-laws I can use their clothes line to get a good picture if the weather is nice. That is wear I took the pictures of the Oriental Dreamweaver and I love how they turned out.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Completed Scotties

I finished my Scottie dog quilt from all the way back here.

I had planned to do more quilting but it's clearly a boy baby quilt and couldn't really think of anything to add to it that wasn't flowers and hearts. I think it does okay all by itself. Sometimes it's hard to decide how to finish a quilt when you don't know where it's going. I didn't make this for anyone in particular. I just wanted to make it and I figure I'll keep it until someone has a baby boy and then I'll have a present ready to go! I don't love my binding choice and if I did it over I would have used the blue print, but all and all it's everything I hoped it would be.