Wednesday, October 30, 2013

City Sampler Blocks 67-100

Another picture heavy post to wrap up the 100 city sampler blocks!

Blocks 67, 68, 69. I love the ships!

Blocks 70, 71, 72. I added cornerstones to block 72 mostly because I only had two 5" squares of the blue fabric I wanted to use so I couldn't make the 6 1/2" borders. I really like the cornerstones though!

Blocks 73, 74, 75. Block 73 is suppose to be a 4 1/2" square with 1 1/2" sashing but I really wanted to use this Parisville print somewhere in my quilt so instead I made a 5 1/2" square and cut my sashing at an inch ( I cut the block down to 6 1/2 later. It's just easier to work with a slightly larger strip). When it's in the quilt you will only see a quarter inch border and I think that will look really cool and delicate! 

Block 76, 77, 78

Block 79, 80, 81. I love this rainbow version of block 81! I feel like this one little block is somehow a representation of the whole quilt! 

Blocks 82, 83, 84. 

Blocks 85, 86, 87.

Blocks 88, 89, 90. Block 89 I had to carefully cut the mouse tail out just right so It would align with the big piece! This is the third of the Parisville ladies. 

Block 91, 92, 93. 

Blocks 94, 95, 96. I am so in love with this Prince Charming print and tried to use it as many places as possible. The girl with the net is so cute!

97, 98, 99. 

Block 100!!!!! Done!

Of coarse I had to square up all of these blocks, which was a good excuse for me to finally buy a rotating cutting mat!

Now I just have to order my sashing fabric and get them all laid out! Not to mention clean up the mess that is my sewing area!

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