Sunday, October 20, 2013

Polka Dot Challenge Quilt

My Polka Dot Challenge Quilt is complete!

Here it is! When my guild announced that we would be having a Polka-Dot challenge for Linus I really wasn't sure what to do. I saw a picture of a similar quilt online but there was no pattern, so I used EQ7 to design mine. The quilt is 64x64. I wanted it to be slightly larger, so that It could go to a teenager but because of the block pattern you must increase by increments of 16" and 80" seemed like a bit much. The Stars are foundation pieced and that took some time!

I decided to use all Denyse Schmidt fabrics because I wanted a bit of a retro vintage feel. I used Chicopee, Flea Market Fancy, Shellburne Falls, and Florence. I have heard that Linus never has enough quilts for boys so I tried to keep my quilt gender neutral. I left out any pink fabric, used limited amounts of purple and tried not to go nuts on floral. I think I succeeded. I also love the red I picked! I originally envisioned this (and drew it into EQ7) with a darker red but then I decided I really loved this Kona Tomato and Im glad I went this way! Beileve it or not I alos had a bit of trouble finding exactly the right polka-dot. I wanted a very small pin dot, and I wanted organized dots. I don't like randomly doted fabric! I finally order a Mellow Yellow print from Fatquarter Shop and it worked perfectly. 

I struggled with how to quilt it because it didn't really need anything! It already seemed complete. In the end I decided to just stitch in the ditch and then re-avaluate, but I decided it was fine the way it was and anything else you likely take away from the design.
I picked this backing fabric because it is
A) A little masculine
B) It's polka-dot esk
C) I love green! And I love dark backings!

I also really love the binding fabric! I think it's super cute! I really love this quilt and Im a little sad to see it go but I really hope whoever gets it really loves it!

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