Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Boo's Nursery Baby Quilt w/ Minky

I got invited to a baby shower for the wife of a guy that grew up on the same street as my husband.  I always feel like when people invite you to a baby shower and they know your a quilter, you really can't show up without a quilt, so I went ahead and postponed all my other projects to make one.

This pattern is called Boo's Nursery and it is from the Jul/Aug 2013 issue of Quilty. I think there is something really chic and charming about this quilt. The design is simple, but bold, perfect for a baby boy I think. If you remember, a little while ago I posted the Door Jammers and they were made to match and accompany this quilt! I decided that I was going to try some new things during this quilt and I'll tell you about each one as we go.

If this fabric looks familar to you it's because a lot of it is from my Fat Quarter Shop 12 Pound Grab bag (I have another one of those coming btw!). Chevron is very in style right now and so are polka-dots so I was glad to have some on hand! I also throw in some Flea Market Fancy from my stash to balance out the colors I was missing. I really love how the red print makes the whole thing look brighter. It needed that little pop!

The first new thing I decided to try right off the back was Minky. I've never used Minky but I've always wanted to. I think babies love the soft fabric as well as the textured dots! This meant I had to do some research and make some decisions.
Here's what I learned about Minky:
1) You don't need to pre-wash it before using it. (Good I hate pre-washing!)
2) It is not as messy as I was expecting. I was worried about all the shedding I've heard about. I really didn't have anything like that.
3) When you baste it you don't want to pull it to tight.
4) I like to use batting with it. I think it needs it to make it feel like a quilt.
5) I don't think it's really possible to use pins for basting with Minky

This last point is the one I really feel is worth talking about. I tried to baste my quilt with pins and that did not work! I had huge ripples! The fabric is just to thick and it moves! I had to take the whole thing back apart. This leads me to the next new thing I tried! I've never used spray basting but it was clear pinning wasn't going to work so I drove the Joeann's and bought Tailor Quilt Basting Spray. That worked like a dream! It was so fast! Im not sure what it would be like for a bed sized quilt but i can tell you that I will be using it for all my baby size and smaller quilts from now on! I imagined it being messy and complicated and it was not at all! It really saved my project!

I did all my quilting with my pressure foot and i didn't pre-mark anything at all. I liked the idea of it not being perfect. I think it makes it more homey if you know what I mean. I do believe their is a certain amount of truth in the idea that if you wanted to it to look perfect and store bought, they you would have just bought it from the store and not spent all the time making it home made. I quilted straight lines and chevrons. The chevrons where a lot of fun and really easy once I got a few in. This actually took longer than I was expecting but I got all my quilting and binding done over the coarse of two days. 
 I also leaned a better binding stitch! I never understood how people made invisible binding stitches and it turns out its super easy! I used this YouTube video and I feel silly now that I know how easy it was all along and far quicker that what I was doing, not to mention prettier. 

Now I can get back to all my other projects! Hope you enjoyed looking at this sweet quilt!

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