Monday, December 23, 2013

Completed Follow The Leader

All the way back in April I shared the blocks I was working on for my Follow The Leader Quilt, then I showed you the pieced top in May. Now, a full 7 months later (wow!) I finally have the completed quilt!

Here it is! Finally back from my long armist, Maria O'Haver, and let me tell you it is some fabulous, very dense quilting!

If you read my post about the quilt top you'll remember that I had some complaints about how the pattern had worked out and made a list of things I wish I had done differently. I also said that I hoped that some of the areas I was unhappy with, like where points did quite line up, would look better once quilted. Im happy to say that that is the case! You would never know I had complaints about the top if you look at it now.

I struggled to make a decision about what color to bind this quilt since the sashing is black and I always like my binding to be darker than my border/sashing. The magazine went with the same black print but I wasn't sure I would like that. I like the way a binding on a quilt frames everything and felt like I would lose that by binding it with the same color, but I went for it anyhow. It doesn't bother me the way I thought it would and Im glad I went with it.
I took this to guild Thursday and several people asked me were they could get the pattern, which always makes me feel good! If they want to make their own, they must like mine, right? That's the theory Im going with anyhow.

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