Monday, December 9, 2013

Craftsy FreeSpirit Stash Builder Box

I have seen the FreeSpirit 50 fat quarter box on Craftsy a few times and always thought it might be fun and a good way to build my stash. I finally decided to give it a go since It was on sale for black Friday. With shipping I payed about $63. That's a little more than a dollar a fat quarter for quilt shop quality fabric. Of coarse I always want to share my shopping experience with everyone especially when it involves taking a little bit of a gamble! So here is how this has worked out for me.

Here is how the fabric arrives. To be honest, when I opened it I was disappointed I didn't see more bright colors, but I was still optimistic. I've broken all of the fabric down into the lines they are part of. 

Notting Hill

Secret Garden

Parson Gray World Tour

Wild Child



Left: Chiffon 
Middle: Star Flakes and Glitter 
Right: *Unknown*

To be perfectly honest non of the fabrics I got are ones that I would leave a quilt shop with. I expected some of that but not the whole box. I expected it to be a mix of things I love and things, maybe I wouldn't love but would still fill an empty spot in my stash. Maybe to help to round things out. That's just not what happened. Im not really found of any of the lines I received except possibly Billet-Doux but I didn't get very much of that.

One of the first things that disappointed me is that some of the fat quarters have a red line. I guess they must cut the fat quarters by hand from yardage. The only reason this is troublesome is because it means I will lose more fabric when I trim up the fat quarters because i have to cut out that red line. I did try ironing one of the fat quarters with the red line to see if it would dissolve, which it did not. Clearly they did not use a fabric pen.

What I was REALLY disappointed in was the amount of duplicates I received! I did look at other blog posts of people opening there boxes and it seems they all got 50 unique fat quarters, where I did not. I received 6 doubles and 1 triple, which you can see in the pictures above. 

I am disappointed with my box and can tell you that I won't be doing it again. I am the kind of person that never returns anything, but if it was possible to return this box, I absolutely would! I always enjoy surprise boxes but this one really didn't pan out for me.

I guess the only upside is that Bacon loves the box the fabric came in and it's the perfect cat sized box! Right after I took this she managed to shove her head into the box and slept in it for several hours. Maybe I just payed $60 for a really good box! Anything to keep the princess happy I suppose. 

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  1. Thank you for writing about your experience with the Fat Quarter Box. Craftsy is having a 70% off sale today and like you I have been tempted to order this, but have been hesitant due to the risks that you encountered. I am so glad I didn't. I would rather know exactly what I am ordering - I guess you get what you pay for.