Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Evolution of a Quilter

When I first started quilting 2 years ago the first project I made entirely by myself was a little Christmas table topper from a pattern called Town Square that uses a charm pack. Every Christmas I put it on a little circular table that sits in my sun room by my Christmas tree. This year when I pulled it out it was practically falling apart and just did not look that something that should live an a quilters home. So, my husband asked me if I could make a new one to replace it and I did!

Can you tell which one is new and which one is old? I certainly hope so! The first thing I can tell you is that I was able to pull the charm pack batting backing and binding from my stash which was not the case with the first one. BTW the solid red is a French General fabric that I got in my grab bag. I am so glad Im getting to use some of that fabric now and that it's finding a home in my projects.

The second thing I noticed is that I have come a LONG way in color planning! When I made the first one I have a feeling I didn't read ahead to figure out where all the pieced went so I could make better decisions about where each fabric should go to do the most for the pattern. The first quilt looks so washed out and I don't think it's just from age (2 years isn't that long when it only gets used for 1 month a year!), I think it's just because I didn't plan where the fabrics should go well. I love how the second quilt has uniform colored star points.

The third most obvious thing was that the first quilt was the first thing I ever bound and I clearly didn't know what I was doing! I honestly am still not sure what I tried to do but I did use my machine to sew it down and didn't do anything by hand and it's a ragged mess! Im glad I know how to properly bind things now!

When I went to put the new quilt on the table where the old quilt sat I quickly realized it was somehow bigger than the original by a full 1 1/2"! How could that happen? I used the same pattern! I must have mis-cut the first quilt somehow!

Im glad i did this to see how my skills have improved! I think this was well worth the few hours it took me to whip up a replacement. I wanted to throw out the original but my husband tucked it away in our towel closet instead. Maybe I'll have to remake this again in a few years and I can have a 3 way comparison. Have you ever remade a quilt years later?

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