Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's a Secret!

So I've said numerous times that i am working on a quilt for an exchange with a friend but that I wouldn't be sharing it here until after the swap was completed. But, I haven't had a post in some time because i haven't been working on anything else so Im going to share it anyhow and hope that the recipient doesn't read my blog.

Here it is. It is The Seasons from Material Obsession 2. Everything is hand appliqued and the quilting is a combination of hand and machine. The trees were a big challenge to applique. I started out doing regular turn applique but that didn't work for me so I had to tear it out and try again. I wound up using a wash out fusible interfacing so that I had a bit of a "ledge" to help me turn under and that worked out better for me. The leaves are made with the 18 degree wedge ruler. 

I love the border fabric and I think it makes the whole quilt. I also love the tumbler border but that was quite a bit of work. 

Fall is my favorite season so naturally that was my favorite block.

But I also really love the spring blossoms. 

I am really glad that I got it together and I am excited for it to ship it out so it can get to the recipient. I hope she loves it!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mystery Quilt Month 2

Here is month 2 of my mystery quilt (February). I just got the instructions for March's block yesterday so hopefully I'll be sharing that soon.  I've been playing with this block and last months block to try to see if I can figure out what it will look like in the end, but no dice so far.

Im still working on my quilt for mystery exchange. I had to take a few days off from working on it because i honestly just got tired of looking at it. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Now Im back to it and refreshed!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Baltimore At Last!

I am finally sharing my finished Baltimore quilt! It would have been here a few days earlier if I hadn't had computer issues. My husbands computer has never broken, by the way, it's always mine. I think it's a conspiracy! 

Here it is! All done! My good friend Joyce Ritter quilted it for me and I love it everything about it!

The skyline is 100% accurate to the real Baltimore skyline (thanks to my hubby for helping me to print out the skyline and adjusting the size over a billion taped together pieces of paper till It was finally the right size for me to trace and use). The B-MORE graffiti was a last minute decision and not something I had planed on doing but I love it! I was able to find the newspaper clipping from when the Ravens won the superbowl last year and was able to put it into the Baltimore Sun newspaper box. 

I love these two! I love the beer, with real foam. The crab is even stuffed to give him more dimension. 

These firework where a lot of fun but also a lot of work! I also love the little silver stars.

Since I went so long without posting I wanted to give you a few hints about the swap quilt that Im working on, that I still don't want to share until after the recipient has received it (or at least until it ships).

One of my friends tells me that her cats will not sit on a "ugly quilt. Friday and Zombie were fighting over who would get to sit on this quilt (this is the back of the quilt) after I laid it out on the floor this morning to snip some threads. That means it must be a beautiful quilt, right? 

And I think we all know what this means :)

I hope you love everything that is going on in my sewing room lately! Talk to you soon!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Mystery Quilt

One of my guilds started a mystery quilt last month and I decided to participate! If you have never done a mystery quilt, how it works is that you are told how much and what fabric to buy (in this case it was 3 yards a dark cool color, exct) and then every month you are given a sheet of instructions to complete but you have no idea what the finished quilt will look like. So much fun! The name of the mystery quilt is Summer Day Mystery and I will admit, Im horrible at surprises so I've already tried googling to see what the finished quilt looks like but without any luck. I guess I can't cheat at this one!

I chose 5 prints from Moda Honeysweet for this quilt in orange, green, blue and the neutral. This was the first months assignment. I made 24 of these (Im making the throw size, if I was making the twin it would have been twice that many). I already have the assignment for this month (February) and I can't wait to have another clue. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Baltimore Fireworks

I've been a little bit stuck lately with what to post! I'm working on a quilt for an exchange I'm doing with one of Facebook friends. Unfortunately I can't post any of my progress with it because I don't know if she reads my blog or not. I thought about just telling her not to look at my blog until after the exchange so I could post but I know if the tables were reversed I would absolutely wind up sneaking a peak! I have no self-control! I also have my Baltimore Challenge quilt but I'm so close to then end that I was trying to get it 100% done before the big reveal. Instead I felt like I needed to share at least one picture of my progress to hold you over until I have more to share, soon hopefully!

I have been beading like crazy anytime Im sitting on the sofa to get these fireworks in place! I'll share close ups when the final pieces is over but I hope this holds you over for now. Also, note the Dragon boat quilted into the water! I didn't intend to include that in this picture but now you got a bonus! My good friend Joyce Ritter who has been an amazing source of inspiration and assistance with this quilt that is so far outside of my normal comfort zone did all of the quilting for me. Can't wait to show you the finished product. It's too cute!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Apple-licious In Progress

I love Lori Holts over at Bee In My Bonnet and I love her book Quilty Fun. As soon as I got the book I knew I wanted to make two of the quilts in the book for sure! This is the first quilt.

I got the center done and just have to make the border. I feel like it's very happy and a little vintage.

My favorite apple is this pink apple with a silhouette of children playing. It's from a Moda line that I've had in my stash for quit some time.

On a side note these are two blocks that I made to contribute to my guilds Block Of the Month. I particularly like this months block because it is a Bonnie Hunter block and I had fun making it in these bright fabrics. I hope that other people go the bright route as well. Who knows? Maybe I'll win the blocks at the end of the month!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My First Quilt

Yesterday I meet an aspiring quilter who was asking me for some advice on choosing a good pattern to start with for a beginner. The conversation made me want to share my first quilt with her, and then I realized that I never blogged about it!

Here it is. (Side note, I love that I have a big open floor in my sewing room to lay out small projects!) The pattern is called Yellow Brick Road and it is a fat quarter quilt. I made it in a class at a quilt shop and this is were I learned all of my basic skills like measuring, rottery cutting, seam allowance, and how to use my machine. Somehow, I got extremely lucky and was the only one who signed up for the class but the shop didn't cancel the class, so it was like I had a personal trainer. 

I still really like the fabrics and still have scraps of some of the fabric left in my stash. I don't love the pattern, because I love very organized thought out quilts, I knew that already when I signed up for the class but I knew I needed help learning the skills so It was worth it to me. 

This is where the quilt lives. On this bench next to the window in my bedroom so my cats can lay on it while they look out the window. When I make me bed (virtually never honestly!) It goes across the bottom of the bed because the blue in the quilt matches an accent blue wall in our bedroom. 

On a side not, I would have had a new quilt to share with you but these two little ladies are slowing me down! We are babysitting two chihuahuas for one of my husbands co-workers. They are adorable but they are needy little critters. We've had them for a week and a half and we'll have them for another week and a half. Now that I'm a little more use to them I am getting more done so I should have something new to share soon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chevron Chenille Quilt

I have been eyeing up the Chevron Chenille Quilt tutorial over at Aesthetic Nest for a while now, when my guild asked if I would be willing to do a demo on cutting Chenille. I agreed and hurried to get this done so I could have it as an example.

I think this is a very chic modern blanket that would make a great baby shower gift! I love the yellow and grey/block combination which is also in style right now.

I love how the yellow binding looks on the back of the blanket! I did a non-biased (because I don't like how chevron looks when cut on the bias) double fold binding, where she used a different binding in her tutorial. 

I think this is the kind of thing that you make once and that's it. sewing all the chevrons was tedious but not terrible, but cutting them all by hand was terrible! I love the affect but I think now that I can say I made one I'll do the tradition biased chenille from now on so I can use the chenille cutter and not have to sew all those pivots and valleys! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

City Sampler Pieced Back

Yesterday I made my pieced back for my Gridlock Tula Pink City Sampler, and I am in love!

I love it! I loved pieced backs (as you may know from my Oriental Dream quilt) but this one is just over the top wonderful, if I do say so myself. It has all of my favorite things!

Even though the sides are yards of racoons I couldn't help but add more!

I really wanted to incorporate the witch from Nightshade in somewhere and I had left over pinwheels from making another project. 

I put all of my favorite salt water prints here, doing a little bit of fussy cutting with the octopus. 

And I also wanted to include some trees!

I got to use more of the Parisville print that I love so much and even the swans from Hushabye. And I love that you can see the whole flower from the other Parisville print. 

I pieced my backing to 96 inches so there is plenty of room for it to be long armed. When I made the peiced back, someone in my guild asked if I was worried that because it's a pieced back the quilting from the front might fall in odd places and look odd, but I don't worry about that. In fact I think it would be cool to see a bunch of different things quilted into one fabric. 

So now my top is done! 

I finally got a picture of all of it!

And my back is done, and my rainbow binding is all together! All I have to do now is wait for the contest to be over so I can figure out quilting!

On a side note, my polka-dot challenge quilt left for Linus today so Im sure it will be in good hands soon!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Studio

I finally have a sewing room all to myself! I have taken over the second bedroom and converted it into my studio!

Before taking over this room, my husband and I shared our loft as both of our offices and my sewing stuff. I was so cramped before that I had trouble finding anything and it stressed me out. My quilting stuff also had a tendency to overflow onto my husbands stuff and would stress him out. Now our loft is only used as our office and I have my own space and we are both so much happier! 

I  love my corner desk because it utilizes the space in the room so well. I essentially use it as 3 spaces. The left for cutting, the middle for my sewing room (which is really nice because there is a lot of room behind it for pushing through big projects), and an open space to the right. I actually have extra space!

I made this cork board a long time ago but switched out the fabric that covers it when I moved it into the new wrong. How could you not be inspired by pink and orange squirrels? 

The room has shelving on both sides which really helps with organization!

And of coarse, having a big closet doesn't hurt! I can't get a picture of both sides of the closet because it's glass, so you can only have one side at a time open, but you get the idea. Now I have all my fabric organized into bins instead of crammed onto a overflowing book case!

I love this wall art! All it is, is scrap-booking paper that I bought very cheap frames for. It's a super inexpensive way to decorate a large wall space, not to mention that whenever you get tired of the prints, just flip them out for new prints and put the old prints back into your stash! You don't even waste the paper!

My absolute FAVORITE addition to my sewing room is this pressing table! I followed the tutorial at Oh, Fransoon!. It's made from a desk I got at Ikea for $20 (the legs come in multiple colors, but I LOVE the red). It's a pieced of plywood on top of the table, 3 layers of low-loft batting (removable) and then the removable cover! The fabric is a Amy Butler print, and that is easy to change out as well once it get damaged and dirty the way ironing surfaces do over time.

In case you were wondering how big of an upgrade this is for me, here is the little ironing board I have been sewing on for the past two years! It was all that would fit in the space I shared with my husband in the loft. This little ironing board has no padding and is just worn to pieces! I appreciate the two years I had it but am so happy to be past it! I think I have about 3 times more space with so much padding and stability! I couldn't be more pleased!