Thursday, January 23, 2014

My First Quilt

Yesterday I meet an aspiring quilter who was asking me for some advice on choosing a good pattern to start with for a beginner. The conversation made me want to share my first quilt with her, and then I realized that I never blogged about it!

Here it is. (Side note, I love that I have a big open floor in my sewing room to lay out small projects!) The pattern is called Yellow Brick Road and it is a fat quarter quilt. I made it in a class at a quilt shop and this is were I learned all of my basic skills like measuring, rottery cutting, seam allowance, and how to use my machine. Somehow, I got extremely lucky and was the only one who signed up for the class but the shop didn't cancel the class, so it was like I had a personal trainer. 

I still really like the fabrics and still have scraps of some of the fabric left in my stash. I don't love the pattern, because I love very organized thought out quilts, I knew that already when I signed up for the class but I knew I needed help learning the skills so It was worth it to me. 

This is where the quilt lives. On this bench next to the window in my bedroom so my cats can lay on it while they look out the window. When I make me bed (virtually never honestly!) It goes across the bottom of the bed because the blue in the quilt matches an accent blue wall in our bedroom. 

On a side not, I would have had a new quilt to share with you but these two little ladies are slowing me down! We are babysitting two chihuahuas for one of my husbands co-workers. They are adorable but they are needy little critters. We've had them for a week and a half and we'll have them for another week and a half. Now that I'm a little more use to them I am getting more done so I should have something new to share soon!

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