Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Studio

I finally have a sewing room all to myself! I have taken over the second bedroom and converted it into my studio!

Before taking over this room, my husband and I shared our loft as both of our offices and my sewing stuff. I was so cramped before that I had trouble finding anything and it stressed me out. My quilting stuff also had a tendency to overflow onto my husbands stuff and would stress him out. Now our loft is only used as our office and I have my own space and we are both so much happier! 

I  love my corner desk because it utilizes the space in the room so well. I essentially use it as 3 spaces. The left for cutting, the middle for my sewing room (which is really nice because there is a lot of room behind it for pushing through big projects), and an open space to the right. I actually have extra space!

I made this cork board a long time ago but switched out the fabric that covers it when I moved it into the new wrong. How could you not be inspired by pink and orange squirrels? 

The room has shelving on both sides which really helps with organization!

And of coarse, having a big closet doesn't hurt! I can't get a picture of both sides of the closet because it's glass, so you can only have one side at a time open, but you get the idea. Now I have all my fabric organized into bins instead of crammed onto a overflowing book case!

I love this wall art! All it is, is scrap-booking paper that I bought very cheap frames for. It's a super inexpensive way to decorate a large wall space, not to mention that whenever you get tired of the prints, just flip them out for new prints and put the old prints back into your stash! You don't even waste the paper!

My absolute FAVORITE addition to my sewing room is this pressing table! I followed the tutorial at Oh, Fransoon!. It's made from a desk I got at Ikea for $20 (the legs come in multiple colors, but I LOVE the red). It's a pieced of plywood on top of the table, 3 layers of low-loft batting (removable) and then the removable cover! The fabric is a Amy Butler print, and that is easy to change out as well once it get damaged and dirty the way ironing surfaces do over time.

In case you were wondering how big of an upgrade this is for me, here is the little ironing board I have been sewing on for the past two years! It was all that would fit in the space I shared with my husband in the loft. This little ironing board has no padding and is just worn to pieces! I appreciate the two years I had it but am so happy to be past it! I think I have about 3 times more space with so much padding and stability! I couldn't be more pleased! 

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