Friday, February 28, 2014

Mystery Quilt

One of my guilds started a mystery quilt last month and I decided to participate! If you have never done a mystery quilt, how it works is that you are told how much and what fabric to buy (in this case it was 3 yards a dark cool color, exct) and then every month you are given a sheet of instructions to complete but you have no idea what the finished quilt will look like. So much fun! The name of the mystery quilt is Summer Day Mystery and I will admit, Im horrible at surprises so I've already tried googling to see what the finished quilt looks like but without any luck. I guess I can't cheat at this one!

I chose 5 prints from Moda Honeysweet for this quilt in orange, green, blue and the neutral. This was the first months assignment. I made 24 of these (Im making the throw size, if I was making the twin it would have been twice that many). I already have the assignment for this month (February) and I can't wait to have another clue. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Baltimore Fireworks

I've been a little bit stuck lately with what to post! I'm working on a quilt for an exchange I'm doing with one of Facebook friends. Unfortunately I can't post any of my progress with it because I don't know if she reads my blog or not. I thought about just telling her not to look at my blog until after the exchange so I could post but I know if the tables were reversed I would absolutely wind up sneaking a peak! I have no self-control! I also have my Baltimore Challenge quilt but I'm so close to then end that I was trying to get it 100% done before the big reveal. Instead I felt like I needed to share at least one picture of my progress to hold you over until I have more to share, soon hopefully!

I have been beading like crazy anytime Im sitting on the sofa to get these fireworks in place! I'll share close ups when the final pieces is over but I hope this holds you over for now. Also, note the Dragon boat quilted into the water! I didn't intend to include that in this picture but now you got a bonus! My good friend Joyce Ritter who has been an amazing source of inspiration and assistance with this quilt that is so far outside of my normal comfort zone did all of the quilting for me. Can't wait to show you the finished product. It's too cute!