Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's a Secret!

So I've said numerous times that i am working on a quilt for an exchange with a friend but that I wouldn't be sharing it here until after the swap was completed. But, I haven't had a post in some time because i haven't been working on anything else so Im going to share it anyhow and hope that the recipient doesn't read my blog.

Here it is. It is The Seasons from Material Obsession 2. Everything is hand appliqued and the quilting is a combination of hand and machine. The trees were a big challenge to applique. I started out doing regular turn applique but that didn't work for me so I had to tear it out and try again. I wound up using a wash out fusible interfacing so that I had a bit of a "ledge" to help me turn under and that worked out better for me. The leaves are made with the 18 degree wedge ruler. 

I love the border fabric and I think it makes the whole quilt. I also love the tumbler border but that was quite a bit of work. 

Fall is my favorite season so naturally that was my favorite block.

But I also really love the spring blossoms. 

I am really glad that I got it together and I am excited for it to ship it out so it can get to the recipient. I hope she loves it!

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