Sunday, May 3, 2015

A year in the making

Hello! It's been over a year since my last post, but I promise you I have a good (and adorable) reason!

We had a baby! This little guy came into the world on November 5th! His name is Adrian and he's perfect! Hard to beileve he will already be 6 months this week. Time flies!

In the midst of getting ready for baby and then having baby I have not spent as much time quilting over the past year, because I was doing other projects for Adrian's nursery. I would like to share his nursery with all of you before we get to quilting posts!

We decided that foxes would be his theme and we wanted to do a orange, blue, and grey color scheme. The tree and bird vinyls on the wall were purched on DesignedDesigner's Etsy page.  I sewed the orange crib sheet as well as the grey chevron and orange crib skirt because I couldn't find one to purchase that matched my theme.

The mobile is made from these little foxes I made from felt and then gave Denyse Schmidt bellies.

The quilt hanging over the dresser was made for me by a member of my guild, and dear friend. The grey and white dresser I was lucky enough to find on Craigslist and it only needed a little bit of touch up and now it's perfect! The throw pillows I made to match the curtains.

The afgan on the ottoman and this adorable fox hat were crocheted by one of my good friends and mailed to me all the way from Oregon! I have a million photos of Adrian wearing this hat to go for walks around the block in his sling or stroller.

It's hard to get a good picture of the windows but the hidden tab black-out lined curtains I sewed myself.  My biggest recommendation, if you choose to make your own curtains for your nursery is not to wait until your huge because it requires a lot of crawling around on the floor to work on something that big. At least I got them done though and they are so much better than anything I would have found in a store. I backed them with black out lining and they work like a charm.

I also made the banner for my baby shower and it was just to cute to throw out so I hung it up in the room. Amazing what you can do with some card stock and hemp!

This second mobile is made out of card stock, a wood quilting loop, yarn, and ribbon. The hardest part is tying the knots that keep the circles separate.

We also converted our sun room into a play room for Adrian. We bought a Ikea Kallax shelving unit and then we painted the doors the same color that we used on the accent wall in Adrian's room. I also sewed slip covers to put over the Drona cloth bins to make them match the room. I used a leftover Owl and tree limb vinyl from Adrian's room on the side of the unit.

Now he has a nice little area to play it that's a bit more open than his bedroom, and best of all he can be in the sun!

I don't want to go into depth to far on these projects but if you see anything you would like to know more about just shoot me a message! As for quilting, I have completed a few small things over the last year that I will be sharing them over the next few posts and I even have a project or two in the works that I am excited to share. I am glad to be back in the saddle and I hope everyone will enjoy my upcoming posts!

*Edit 5/10/2015*

Now that we dropped the crib mattress to the lower setting I wanted to share a better picture of the crib skirt. I spent a lot of time working on the piping and making the pleats but you could not see any of that when the crib was in the highest position. I'm glad that now that the crib is down I get to show off these little details that I spent so much time on!


  1. Wow, you sure were busy sewing for the nursery. It looks GREAT!

    1. Definitely kept myself busy cramming in projects right up til the end. All worth it though!