Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Marine Too Baby Quilt

I wanted to share one of the baby quilts I made for Adrian. I wanted to make him one special quilt (I will share that one later), and one quilt to be the work horse. This is the quilt that he will spit up on, smear food on, trap in the car door, and drag around when he is learning to walk. It's made to be cute and functional, but ultimately get destroyed by baby wear & tear without anyone shedding a tear over weeks and months of wasted work.

I made this quilt using Marine Too which is an organic cotton line by Birch that I fell in love with. 

I actually made the quilt using the scraps from making his car seat canopy (pictured above) and an additional half yard of the anchor print. I just figured this project out as I went along and made up the pattern to best utilize the fabric that I had on hand. I love this framed look and could not be happier with how it turned out. You would never know I was just cutting up fabric with no game plan. I finished the quilt with a grey binding and a red minky binding to make it extra soft and warm!

As you can see, it's already getting a good workout.

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