Friday, February 12, 2016

New Hexagon Update

Once again I am back after a long quilting brake! I took a 3 month break from quilting during the holidays and my son's birthday (We had a big party and I made so many decorations that I didn't have time for any quilting. But first birthdays only happen once). Then I picked quilting back up but didn't get into the swing for blogging.

I wanted to update you on my progress with The New Hexagon Quilt Along. I now have all of my rosettes done and I am working on filling the edges.

Rosette 4. This Rosette is made entirely of Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill fabric. This block took me to longest to complete and it fought me every step of the way and I seriously considered trashing it and starting it over many times, even after it was finally complete. I am interested to see it in the finished quilt with borders.

Rosette 7 This rosette is made entirely of Michael Miller's Birds & The Bees fabric. I really like the small heart print. It reminds me of candy.

Rosette 8 is a Tula Pink marriage of Bumble and Eden. I thought the two lines really played together well and I was extreamly happy with this block. It's one of my favorites.

Block 9 is another Tula Pink marriage. What can I say? I love Tula Pink. I think this is a super fun block.

10A is all cotton + steel and I think it's super cute. I was determined to get these adorable apples into this quilt somewhere.

10B is another cotton + steel block. I think it turned out really cute.

11A is actually the last rosette I completed and Im going to leave it as a surprise for the end. Just to keep everything fun.

11B is a Tula Pink Elizabeth rosette. It's very bold.

12A is another Cotton + Steel block. The sloths are too cute! (Could not get a good photo outside due to snow. By the time is stopped snowing it was already sewn in)

12B is Anna Maria Horner's Fibs and Fables. I love this block. So much so, that it dramatically influenced my fabric choices for a upcoming quilt. (Hint Hint)

I am also currently remodeling most of my home which has slowed my progress with finishing this quilt. I originally was hoping to have this quilt off to the quilter before I started the Sampler but when you are living in chaos with a toddler, not a lot of sewing can be done. Someday, in the not to distant fututre, it will all be worth it when I have all new floors, a refinished fireplace, and a beautiful kitchen.

 I am planning to begin The Splendid Sampler with everyone else on Valentines Day and I am looking forward to sharing my progress. I have picked a very bold pallet and I am excited to see where it takes me and how it comes together.

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  1. it is good to have you bag. i missed your innovative and creative prints. now i am going to get back to it as weel. keep posting more